Luxembourgish Courses

Sophia institute, “Institute of vocational training in the field of health care” offers mainly courses of Luxembourgish (different levels) in the care of the person. 

The courses are aimed at anyone working in the field of care, or wishing to work there, having no or little notion of the Luxembourgish language.

The initial objective of the course is to enable the learner to acquire oral skills in Luxembourgish, in order to be able to establish a simple communication using expressions of frequent utility.

Following the achievement of this goal, the trainer will adapt this communication situation to a health care environment: fill out a medical file with general information, collect data necessary for the first meeting with a person: medical history, drugs, profile physical and social, … communicate on a daily basis.

Sophia institute has an approval from the Luxembourg Ministry of Education to provide courses and the teacher is also a carer, so knows the terrain perfectly.

In addition, Sophia institute offers general Luxembourgish courses for companies.